Monday, January 29, 2007

Spencer, Shark-lover

My most recent dive at the zoo was on January 20th. Spence and Steve came with me and when I was done, I found out it was time to feed the sharks. Steve got some pictures of us on the platform at the top of the Ocean tank. Spence got to pet some Zebra sharks, which he thought was really cool (of course!!) This is the tank I just dove prior to these pictures. It's my favorite tank at the zoo, and the Zebras are my favorite animal in this tank. There are two in this picture. The guy from the zoo is holding one for Spence, and the other is coming to see what's going on. They're pretty easy-going sharks and they're used to being handled.

After Spence pet the Zebra sharks, it was time to feed the Bonnetheads (see the one in the picture that looks like a little Hammerhead?) They feed them chopped squid and another small type of fish. We don't pet the Bonnetheads, though. LOL

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