Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Journey to change

Ok, its time to get serious about this weight loss/health improvement thing.  I did it before, I can do it again.  In 2004-ish, I lost 45 lbs doing weight watchers.  I've gone and gained a good bit of it back, darn it.  LOL

I hate to post my current weight but lets just say my goal is to lose 26 pounds.  That sounds doable, right?

Here's my plan.  I don't know if this is right or wrong, but this is it, and I plan to give it 100%.  (I'm using this blog to try to keep myself honest, so you all need to hold me to it)

1. drink water!!  I'm awful about drinking water, I almost never do it.  I know water is key in weight loss and can help flush fat and toxins from your body.  I have a 24 ounce cup at work.  I figure I should be able to get myself to drink at least 3 of those a day. 

2. exercise!!  There's a gym right across the street from my new office and its only $20 per month.  Pretty hard to find an excuse to skip a workout when I have to drive right past the place to get home, right??  I'm going to join next week on payday.

3. not "diet" but eat with common sense.  I know if it try to push myself to "diet" I'll hate it and I'll quit.  So, I know what's right and what's bad when I eat.  I just need to think about my foods before I eat them.  For example, instead of a Big Mac, get the grilled chicken wrap (love McDonald's honey mustard grilled chicken wraps).  And, its even better if I can avoid fast food all together, but sometimes you just can't.  The point is, I need to make smarter choices, eat more fresh fruits & veggies and lean meats (and fish, I love fish).

4.  shakes?  This one is an idea I'm kicking around.  I really hate to eat breakfast.  I hate having sweet stuff in the morning and most of the "quick" breakfast stuff is donuts, cereal, cereal bars, etc.  Yuck!  And I'm always in a hurry and want something I can either consume in the car or have when I get to my desk at work.  So, I'm thinking about trying a meal replacement shake to see if that works.  I'm not usually too hungry in the morning but I know if you eat breakfast it jump starts your metabolism.  So, I need that jump start.  I looked at a shake GNC has on sale right now, Lean Shake.  They have a version with 25 grams of protein but it had double the calories, etc.  I think I'll try the regular shake but mix it with milk instead of water, to get the extra protein and to help feel a little fuller.

5. vitamins!  Yes, I am awful about taking pills too.  I hate doing it, but I know my horrible diet has taken its toll on my body and my metabolism, so it couldn't hurt to throw some vitamins on top of it, eh?

So, today is the 4th of July.  I would LOVE to be at my goal weight by my anniversary, which is September 8th, but we'll see.  I want to do this right so when I make it, I make it.  I'll try posting my progress at least weekly.  Maybe I'll get bold enough to post pics...maybe not...LOL

I think I will make a spreadsheet to track my progress.  (those of you who know me well, know I like to make spreadsheets for everything.)

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